Riau, Indonesia [2013 — 2014]

The Unveiling of a Crime

Handing over of the three suspects to the Siak District Attorney (Credits: Riau Headline)

The ditches located at Pinang Sebatang Timur Village in the Tualang District of Siak, Riau, Indonesia, are a popular fishing spot for the residents. They are especially attractive to young boys who don’t mind getting their hands dirty to get the catch of the day.

On the 18th of July…

She’s scrawled across the gravel, facing the dark sky with her mouth wide open. I hesitate for a moment. Her fragility scares me. It’s only when she stirs that I drop to my knees, splashing mud onto the both of us.

I prop my umbrella by her head, shielding her…

Nadira Putri

Broke Singapore-based Indonesian university student covering Indonesian crimes. Covers stories of cats and mermaids too, sometimes. Instagram: @narcicact

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